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Rules of the Show for Vendors

  1. SET UP:    Arrive on time and get unpacked as quickly as you can.  Doors open at 8:00am for set up the day of the event and the show opens to the public at 9:00am.  NOTE:  in the event that the hall is not booked for something else the night before, we may be given permission to set up the day before.  You will be notified well in advance before the show if this happens.
  2. TABLES:                               
    1. your assigned table will be identified with your name on it
    2. 1 table and 1 or 2 chairs will be provided (as indicated on your registration form)
    3. We ask that you provide an appropriate table covering to accent your booth
    4. If you indicated that you do NOT need a table you must ensure that whatever display setup you use fits within your allotted space and does not impose on your neighbour.
  3. ELECTRICAL:    Outlets are few and far between (literally!).  We will try to ensure that you get close to an outlet but be prepared and bring an extension cord to make sure you get power if you need it.  NOTE:  if you are allotted a space in the centre there will be NO cords crossing the hall.
  4. FOOD:    The Horton Recreation Centre catering ladies will be selling lunch food – cash sales only.
  5. VENDOR BUDDY SYSTEM:    Please ensure that you have a partner or that a ‘vendor-buddy’ system is established early in the day to give you time for food and bathroom breaks.
  6. VENDOR COURTESY:    PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE SHOW EARLY.  Customer traffic can be slow at times but we ask that you stay till the end.  You know how you’ve felt when you’ve seen vendors pack up half way through a show – its unprofessional and just bad manners - and customers may get a bad feel for the event when they see vendors leaving.  You’ve booked the day to be at the show so ‘be a friend and stay till the end’.
  7. SECURITY:    Please keep your valuables/cash safe at all times.  Neither Rural Artisans nor the Horton Community Centre is responsible for any lost or stolen items or for any damage to any of your items.
  8. TAKE DOWN:    We have the hall booked till 5pm the day of the event and we must be packed, cleaned up and out of there by this time.  This is why we close at 3:30 for the April 8th event and 4:00 for the July 8th and October 28th events.
  9. FIRE REGULATIONS:    no open flames or lit candles are permitted
  10. REFUND POLICY:    There are no refunds for unused tables that were already paid for if the vendor doesn’t show up.  If an event is cancelled a full refund will be provided.


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